2 0 1 9 by Mira Nguyen

When it’s May but really it feels like March.

A lot of mental and physical adjusting has been happening in my life and I finally feel like I’m getting into the real groove of things. Time’s been flying by and I’m constantly on the move, bouncing from one thing to the next it seems. Is this what true adulthood is like? I’m just now figuring it out.

I’m trying to enjoy it all and not take myself so seriously. Life i

Sunday May 19, 2019  #onepatelofawedding19

Sunday May 19, 2019 #onepatelofawedding19

Sixth in Seattle by Mira Nguyen

We celebrated six years in Seattle last weekend! We had only 1 day of sunshine out of 4 days of constant drizzle but the city definitely felt more in it’s element when wet. G had just visited 2 months ago while on tour but only stayed for 12 hours to play a show. I’d never been before but when he said over FaceTime “We’ll have to go someday”, I made "someday” next month ;P

It was a special time of romping around a new city that felt familiar — Seattle really resembles the Bay Area with it’s tech boom, hip neighborhoods, and grayish skies. But the landscape (Mt. Rainier in the distant horizon) and extra bite to the cold reminded me that we were in a new city and that there was much to see and do. I took my lil’ Sony with me, hid it in my waterproof parka, and took as many photos as I could manage in the rain:

stop 1: Pike Place Market


  1. Market Grill for fish sandwiches — this is excellent straight off the plane

  2. RGB aka Rachel’s Ginger Beer (the white peach hot toddy was life-giving)

stop 2: Bainbridge Island

stop 3: Capitol Hill, Fremont, Starbucks Reserve


  1. Seattle Great Wheel during sunset

  2. Crab @ Taylor Shellfish Farms in Capitol Hill

  3. Fremont neighborhood

  4. Starbucks Reserve on Pike St. is worth the hype (get the affogato, nitro cold brew, and tiramisu)

Some spring goals by Mira Nguyen

  • Get deep into my hard drive of old travel photos I never had the courage to go through and edit. Then edit them. Then document them. On this site!

  • Get back into f o o d photography

  • Read The Nix and She's Come Undone

  • Become the the younger, female, less attractive Anthony Bourdain

& I fell in love with D.C. 

lil gems by Mira Nguyen

Book/Shop, Temescal
Found J.D. Salinger's Nine Stories in the outdoor sales section, a favorite. Garren waiting patiently outside. 

The sweetest alley hidden on Grand Ave, Oakland
A slice of Italy in the middle of the town. Tina, always embracing being my subject.

P O L L E N, Los Angeles

Behold the turmeric latte. A dreamy Echo Park cafe. For sure a caricature of LA brunch culture but food, service, & atmosphere was ever so lovely.

Portlandia by Mira Nguyen

Spent a long weekend visiting Grayson + Lizzy in Beaverton, a suburb southwest of Portland and also home to Nikeworld aka Nike HQ. We lost track of time meandering Portland's peaceful streets, finding ourselves in the best food situations, always unintentionally. What I love most about this city is how efficient and clean and frickin' enjoyable their public transit system is. Compared to BART and AC Transit, Portland's MAX is pure luxury. Also, there is no sales tax in Oregon!! 

Although we enjoyed our time, there's really no place like California. Even Oregonians know this because cars with CA licenses are getting keyed for even being in the state. Understandably we're the ones gentrifying the place by raising rent prices. A one-bedroom apartment for a mere thousand a month is extremely enticing though...

We came to an easy consensus: Bi-Rite > Salt & Straw, completely and unforgivingly 100% not even a debate. Which means we're never moving to Oregon :P


Some photos!

Focusing on analog so did the most I could with my glitchy iPhone 6

Karl for the weekend by Mira Nguyen

It was a melting Sunday morning. So we drove as west as we could go from Petaluma, which meant we ended up in Point Reyes. After 30 minutes of cows and creameries and vacant pastures, the fog crept into our open car windows. We kept them rolled down, enjoying the chill and moisture on our faces. Eventually we ended up at the Point Reyes Headlands where there's a lighthouse perched at the edge of some coastal cliffs. The ocean was below us but we couldn't see 10 feet in front of us. We had been swallowed up by a giant vast cloud.