roadtrippin / by Mira Nguyen

I've got such mixed feelings...but I'm starting to like LA more and more with each passing visit. Garren and I drove down from Oakland for (his) business and (my) pleasure and we got a better feel for the city than we ever had before. I think we both decided before getting there that it'll be okay, being stuck in traffic for more than half of the time spent in the car. By the second day, I was back to being the fearless (and somewhat reckless) driver I once was.

I'm kinda really digging this place. Maybe I should move??

The textures,
1. The Broad exterior, my favorite
2. Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry (architect behind Spain's Guggenheim!)
3. Water lilies at Echo Park

Fun places,
1, 2. Hiked up to the Observatory in a tight denim skirt in 90 degree weather and somehow didn't experience any complications : )
3, 4. Inside The Broad were many larger-than-life sculptures from artists like Jeff Koons and my favorite, Robert Therrien (below, the 20ft stack of plates)