Portlandia / by Mira Nguyen

Spent a long weekend visiting Grayson + Lizzy in Beaverton, a suburb southwest of Portland and also home to Nikeworld aka Nike HQ. We lost track of time meandering Portland's peaceful streets, finding ourselves in the best food situations, always unintentionally. What I love most about this city is how efficient and clean and frickin' enjoyable their public transit system is. Compared to BART and AC Transit, Portland's MAX is pure luxury. Also, there is no sales tax in Oregon!! 

Although we enjoyed our time, there's really no place like California. Even Oregonians know this because cars with CA licenses are getting keyed for even being in the state. Understandably we're the ones gentrifying the place by raising rent prices. A one-bedroom apartment for a mere thousand a month is extremely enticing though...

We came to an easy consensus: Bi-Rite > Salt & Straw, completely and unforgivingly 100% not even a debate. Which means we're never moving to Oregon :P


Some photos!

Focusing on analog so did the most I could with my glitchy iPhone 6