Sixth in Seattle / by Mira Nguyen

We celebrated six years in Seattle last weekend! We had only 1 day of sunshine out of 4 days of constant drizzle but the city definitely felt more in it’s element when wet. G had just visited 2 months ago while on tour but only stayed for 12 hours to play a show. I’d never been before but when he said over FaceTime “We’ll have to go someday”, I made "someday” next month ;P

It was a special time of romping around a new city that felt familiar — Seattle really resembles the Bay Area with it’s tech boom, hip neighborhoods, and grayish skies. But the landscape (Mt. Rainier in the distant horizon) and extra bite to the cold reminded me that we were in a new city and that there was much to see and do. I took my lil’ Sony with me, hid it in my waterproof parka, and took as many photos as I could manage in the rain:

stop 1: Pike Place Market


  1. Market Grill for fish sandwiches — this is excellent straight off the plane

  2. RGB aka Rachel’s Ginger Beer (the white peach hot toddy was life-giving)

stop 2: Bainbridge Island

stop 3: Capitol Hill, Fremont, Starbucks Reserve


  1. Seattle Great Wheel during sunset

  2. Crab @ Taylor Shellfish Farms in Capitol Hill

  3. Fremont neighborhood

  4. Starbucks Reserve on Pike St. is worth the hype (get the affogato, nitro cold brew, and tiramisu)